Higher Education


Behind the ivy-covered walls of today's college campus, radical changes are taking place.

Operating assumptions that have held constant for years if not decades—about admissions, student lifecycle, resource management and much more—are all coming in for re-evaluation. It's a more competitive world in higher education with a greater need for differentiation. It's a more results-oriented world, with consumers and government looking carefully at outcomes.

In the humanities and the sciences, community colleges and universities, digital strategies are playing a greater role.

Institutions that want to attract the best students and maximize successful outcomes are turning to

  • Adaptive learning (to provide a range of educational experiences).
  • Digital assessment (to measure progress).
  • Predictive analytics (to increase success rates).
  • CRM technologies (to track and support all phases of the student life cycle).
  • And all of this needs to take place in an environment that's safe and secure

    There is no single solution to all of these challenges, but the fact is technology plays a role in every one of them—an important role.

    Let JCT Solutions show you the way.

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JCT Solutions is a provider of communications, Networking & security solutions for businesses, Schools, government
agencies and other organizations. JCT Solutions was previously known as Johnston Communications.

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