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You want to stay focused on managing your business, not your technology. Unless you are doing these things all the time, these and other tasks take too many resources that are better devoted to what is more important—like managing your customers.

But, as you probably know all too well, managing technology is essential to your business performance. If you don’t do it right, you can spend far more than necessary and get far less in return.

That’s why you need JCT Solutions Professional Services.

We help businesses use technology to streamline processes, maintain security, enhance customer service, accelerate teamwork, and much more.

And we work with some of the top providers of technology to make it happen—companies like Avaya, Axiom, Cisco and more

  • Are the solutions you are considering today the right ones to support you tomorrow?

  • Are you correctly evaluating the Total Cost of Ownership—TCO?

  • Are you getting a solution that will scale to meet the needs of your business?

    We don’t just support you by finding the right solution. We also do the hard work of integrating it into your organization, deploying and maintaining it.

    Our Professional Services work hand in glove with our ongoing Managed Services.

Watch this video and learn more about JCT Solutions. Get introduced to our solution areas, the leading technology companies we represent, and what we can do for you.
improve Performance
Improve performance, lower risks and get more value out of your communications and networking investment.

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JCT Solutions is a provider of security, communications, and networking solutions for municipalities, K-12 schools, colleges
and universities, businesses, and other organizations across New Jersey and New York.
JCT Solutions was previously known as Johnston Communications.

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